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Helping you live a fuller life through effective communication

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Communication 101

Upgrade your communication skills, upgrade your life.

Communication 101 is a half-day seminar for women business leaders and entrepreneurs looking to take their lives to the next level. We believe that upgrading our communication styles can improve the way we interact in the world and strengthen our relationships.

Everyone at the seminar will hear from the host, Shelly Thorne, as she delves into different communication styles people use to communicate and how to make adjustments to communicate well with anyone. Shelly will use her gift of connecting and helping others communicate to impact the lives of the attendees.


The seminar will discuss how we can communicate with people on their level and not just our own. We will discuss our experiences with our communication skills with others and how we can improve on them.  There will also be guest experts who will share their own communication insights. 


While this seminar is specifically for women, future seminars will include husbands, partners, parents and the whole family! We are looking forward to seeing you all there!


 Only $75.00, contact us for group pricing and scholarships. 


Ladies, come join us for this amazing event! 

Interested in learning more? For the fastest response, text or call Shelley at 310-614-1276 or send an email to

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About Shelly

Mechelle "Shelly" Thorne has always been interested in health and wellness. From playing sports as a teen to being a massage therapist, she has always appreciated mind and body health.

Shelly grew up traveling and has benefitted by getting to communicate with lots of different types of people as part of her education. No matter where she went, she learned about herself about the nuances different people use when communicating with each other.  Shelly also studied communication and other skills at a company called Frontier Trainings based in San Diego; she trained there for 5 years. She has learned how to not let her past define her present or future, and how to communicate with others on a deep and fearless level.  She has also been one of the top money earners of a health and wellness company that she helped build by speaking in front of hundreds of people while teaching them how to be successful in strengthening relationships.  Her passion since she was a kid was to help others and to dream big, to change the world!

Shelly loves to travel, especially to places she has never been.  Family and friendships are of utmost importance to Shelly and the quality time she spends with them is priceless!  When she is not out trying to change the world, she loves spending time with her husband Justin, her daughter Trasea, and her dog and cat, Ellie and Ollie.

"I'm hoping that my example and passion to help others and make a difference, will impact my daughter Trasea. These lessons will help guide her to do the same, and have a heart to really change the world around her!"

Now, Shelly merges her passion for all-around wellness by running a successful sports therapy business for the last 25 years. She is so excited to be pursuing her dream of teaching communication and connection seminars. This drives her goal to help improve lives.

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Communication 101 is just beginning, but we know what we have in store is for people of all ages and walks of life. That's why we will be having a kids camp! This camp will be a week-long camp that will teach your kids emotional intelligence, working with their peers, working out disagreements, and how to connect with one another while having fun. To ensure we are creating lasting sustainability, a portion of the proceeds that are made from the seminars and camps will be donated to local schools.

Interested in more? For fastest response, text or call Shelley at 310-614-1276 or send an email to and we will be sure to contact you. 

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